Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Wendy-isms"......A Tutorial

It all started in grade school. My love of books and the written word. I can remember entering kindergarten, being able to read, and freaking my teacher out! I used to spend absolutely, HOURS, reading and reading more. My favorite place was the library-- I would walk down after school , and stay until supper-time-- coming home with an armload of books for later.

Now, lest you all think I was a total geek-- I can say that I had an entire set of Encyclopedia Brittanica in my closet, and I used to read through those when my books would run out.
Geeky, oh yes ma'am!!

So, the natural outgrowth of this love of words, is that I started inventing words of my very own. For my personal use. The fact that they are no where to be found in any dictionary has never discouraged me.

When people look at me funny, I think they are just dazzled by my ultra-intelligent way with the English language!

Needless to say, some of these words have caught on with friends and family; while some have just become such a part of my vocabulary that I am no longer aware of the fact that they are indeed, made up.

So, when Juliemom was looking for a name for my blog, she chose one of my favorite expressions "crack-a-lackin'". I'm so glad she did, because I truly did not know how to spell it- even if I wanted to submit it to Webster's.

And I'll just say that I was doing this WAY before Rachael Ray was using EVOO, yum-o etc.

Here's a short list, with definitions for you all for future reference. There will be a test at the end, so pay attention now.

"Crack-A-Lackin"=== Get busy, NOW!! Move it, no questions asked!

"Anyhoona"===Anyhow, so really what I meant to say was, moving on...

"Deficient"=== Strangely, this is my sarcastic way of saying "efficient".
***Writers note, I am not usually sarcastic. Really, I'm not. (wink, smile)****

"Ginormous"=== Absolutely gigantic and enormous combined.
****Yes, I know they put this one in the dictionary this year, but I had it first! First, I tell ya"

"Lane Giant"=== My affectionate term for the store I buy most of my clothes in!

Of course now that I'm actually trying to make an exhaustive list, my mind is a total BLANK.
So, I'll edit this post in the future to add more as I hear them coming out of my mouth-- that is, if I recognize them!


JulieMom said...

I am SURE we, your FIRL, will be happy to assist in reminding you of them.

But just so you know, that 'drawing a blank' thing?

It's painfully contagious.

I got nothin'.

Brenda said...

My sister used to read the encyclopedias too. But as a result all she does is usereallybigwordsthatidon'tknowandihavetoaskhertoexplainthem.

It's more fun talking to someone who says "Lane Giant."

Mary said...

Anyhoona reminds me of a tropical paradise used to READ the encyclopedias? No wonder I love you, you're a bigger geek than I. (me?)

JulieMom said...

Okay, okay, I got one!!

"Woof!" As in "Have you met so-and-so's wife yet? Woof!"

Or- "Did you see the way he put her in her place? Woof!"