Sunday, August 26, 2007

Carlos, Part Deux

Everything was honkey-dorey with the TV until we moved it back into the TV room. My hubby was really busy at work, so it didn't get moved back until the following week- about 6 days after the party.

And guess what-- he plugged the box in, turned it on, and started pushing buttons, AGAIN!

And guess what else-- it didn't work, AGAIN!

So, Wendymom to the rescue-- I called the cable company, again. And got the following:

C: "Time Warner Cable, this is Carlos, how may I help you?"

Now, you know I thought seriously about hanging up out of sheer embarrassment! I thought for sure he would mildly scold me at the least, or perhaps double my bill for calling in twice in one week with the same problem! But since I abhor those automated "push this now" phone systems and didn't want to call back in, I took a deep breath and in my humblest voice said:

WM "Um, hi, we had to move our TV and box, and now we don't have a signal?"

Carlos (with laughter in his voice), then confirmed my address and telephone number.
After I assured him that I was indeed the same person from a week before, he graciously told me, AGAIN, to have my hubby STEP-AWAY-FROM-THE-TV-AND-REMOTE so he could reset it from there. Because apparently all you have to do when you unplug and replug the box is WAIT for the clock to reset and once it does, the system has already turned itself back on.

So, during the second interval of 5 minutes while we waited, we got caught up on how the party went, how his kids were, if the Bill can actually ever rebuild to the glory years of 5 Superbowls (yeah, I know they never won, but they went 5 times), and just what ARE the odds of my calling in and getting him again on the phone?!? They are about 70 to one, just in case you're curious.

All that said, I have decided he can be my new best friend because he was so non-accusatory and kind when he had to re-instruct me on this, is a nice conversationalist, we have the same number of kids, like the same football team, and now both know how to re-set a cable box! The fact that he was getting paid for the conversation doesn't really bother me.

But truthfully, I was impressed with how pleasant he was to deal with. A far cry from "we'll be there when we get there, and charge you for whatever we want".

And to my other best friends, the bar has been raised! Get to crack-a-lackin'!


JulieMom said...

Just to confirm- Hubby knows about the conversation, and Carlos didn't mention anything about coming over...right???

Just kidding!!

Don't hurt me. :0)

WendyMom said...

Please, if I had any extra energy, I would expend it on hubby---

He thinks it's funny that I can make friends anywhere, in any situation!

You know it's true 'cuz you do it too!!!