Friday, August 24, 2007

High School Musical 2 Extravaganza

Ok, so apparently THIS time my blog is saving this entry. I think it's safe to try and post it now. This being my 3rd attempt at this post, I would probably just scream if I typed the whole entry again and had it disappear!

So, if you all have been anxiously awaiting this post, blame it on the internet, radiation, or whatever force it is that ERASED this entry the last 2 times I put it in. It's probably the same thing that eats socks out of the dryer...

I think I mentioned in a previous entry that we house missionary families in our home, and the current resident is Juliemom and her crew. Well, one of the great things that she and I have in common is a love for the High School Musical Movie. Now, for those who have read her blog, Juliemom apparently had an awesome time in high school. I base this on her responses to a questionnaire, in which it was clear to me that she was very smart, popular, and was in every play/musical offered during her tenure there. So, for obvious reasons, Juliemom gets misty-eyed and nostalgic for the good ol' days when watching HSM. After all, she had a awesome time in high school.

Me, not so much.

But, I do like the movie because it represents a fantasy-land version of high school that looks like so much fun it almost makes me want to go back and do it all over again!

What with the singing and dancing in the cafeteria and all....
And the cute boys...

The fact that there were absolutely NO BOYS at my school (other than 40 year old driver's ed and social studies teachers) may have something to do with it. No boys, but we did in fact have some really mean nuns, lots of Sharpay types, and truly lovely uniforms.

Oh, the uniforms. Don't get me started..

I also like the movie because it is a cute teen musical that is actually CLEAN, unlike, say Greece--which if you haven't seen it lately, appears to be all about who "scores" with the chicks, and how much they score. I saw it since becoming a Christian, and was like, WOOF! I used to watch this and think it was awesome?!?!?

Anyhoona, Juliemom and I being such phenomenal moms and all, decided that the appropriate response to the premier of the HSM 2 movie was to have a little party for our kids so we could all watch it together on the big screen TV.

Did I mention that between the 2 families, there are 6 children under the age of 7 currently in our home? And 5 of them are girls? So the squealing and giggling quotient rises EXPONENTIALLY when HSM comes on and they are all in the same room!

We truly do enjoy each other's company, and the kids get along great, so it is really fun to do these communal living type gatherings now and then.

But, did I say little party?

Surely, you jest. If you know Juliemom at all, you know she does very few things in a "little" way. As you look at the following pictures, make sure you note how many of them were my doing, and how many were hers!

Also, remind me to tell you about my new friend Carlos. Because without him, there would have been no party!

The men moving the extra-large TV! Yes, that would be my husband's BUTT on the right hand side, whilst the "prince" poses for the camera.

This would be the table o' goodies that we prepared. I say "we" in the most generic of terms- and my contribution was the undecorated cupcakes, some balloons, and the table itself. Juliemom went a little nuts with the HSM Party Planner Book, and made all the rest! Now, don't you all want her to come live in your house too???

Pretty scary awesome, huh?

Mum, mum, good!

Now, I know you all want to be my new best friend so you too can come and experience these type of rockin' gatherings!

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Brenda said...

Oh my word, our sad little blankets and pillows thrown on the floor and our little bowls of popcorn seem so....unimaginative now.

Looks like an awesome time! Maybe if it hadn't been so close to a birthday I would have felt more inspired.