Monday, August 20, 2007

Alright, Already!!!

So, apparently, I now have a blog. I feel as if that should be somehow related to a trip to the doctor, chiropracter, gynecologist-- I dunno, it just sounds strange.

There are some seriously HUGE shoes out there in the blog-world, the likes of which I have no desire and/or intention of trying to fill. However, I am willing to try it-- I think I'll take FriedOkra's advice and try it for a month... and if not completely satisfied, my money back-- I'm sure!

So, be watching for a blog coming soon regarding a serious High School Musical 2 Party.

And some retaliation to my good friend Juliemom.

You see, I know where she lives..............


Janice said...

Did you really need three exclamation points after that? ... do you need a little anger management?... well now you have a blog, and all will be well!

WendyMom said...


So what are you saying?

Can I use my blog therapuetically instead of anger management?

Just kidding.. I may be looking for advice on how to post, so I'll take as my first suggestion to watch the excessive "punctuating".

JulieMom said...

Retaliation?!? That doesn't sound like the Wendy I know.

*stifles a giggle*

Bring it on Sista!

Oh, and Jan? She can use however many exclamation points she wants, ok??????????????????????????????