Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far....

Some people tell me that I am rather a bit of a "crusader". I'm sure it's because when I get passionate about something, I can't let it go until it is properly cared for. I absolutely despise injustice- when I see something "wrong" happening, I will work until it is righted. Customer service is always a biggie for me- because I was a waitress, secretary, and nurse at various points in my life. I have the insiders track into these areas, and am not afraid to speak up until something is resolved.

So, yes, this means that I have called the "1-800-Taco-Bell" number to report the 17 year old workers there for using foul language when I came through the drive through. My hubby will literally stand back, shaking his head and laughing as I go to work. I always try to be respectful, and take the "catch more bees with honey than vinegar" approach first- at least until I meet resistance. Then I have been known to go toe to toe with the tenacity of a bull dog. Oh, there are stories about me that are almost legendary from my time as a nurse.

This past week a good friend of mine asked me to drive one of her kids for swim lessons because her other child had a high fever. I of course offered to come get him so she wouldn't have to leave the house. She just lives in the next town over- the town that is the same mailing address as mine. I don't go over to this town very often, for everything I need is much closer to my home if I go east instead of west. Oh, and every time I go to this particular town, I get lost. Not just a little lost- but really lost. I don't know what it is, especially since our area is literally laid out like a grid, with north/south roads regularly intersected by multiple east/west roads. The road leading into this town, however, is one of those where two routes converge into one and then diverge again. Right in the middle of town, with one sign pointing to the divergence. If you miss the sign, you miss the road. Simple as that. Even my husband- who once drove us home from Vermont with no map , on the scenic route through the Adirondacks, gets turned around there.

After I assured my friend I would pick up her son, I went on Google maps to find directions to her house. Mind you, I've been there before, but wanted to have something with me as a guide in case I got lost in the Bermuda triangle again. We set out in plenty of time to get there early, and wonder of wonders, I got lost. Again. I followed the directions on the map search to a "t" and still couldn't find it. I drove up and down the same road 5 times looking for the side street to turn on, all the while with the kids in the back helpfully adding "Mom, we're lost." "Momma, if we're late for swim lessons, can we still go in the pool?" and other helpful things. I won't go into detail about how high my blood pressure was after about 10 minutes of this- especially when I looked in my purse and discovered I had left my cell phone home. Oh, and I was due at swim lessons to teach the bible study/lesson before it started- no pressure there! We did eventually reach our friend's home, picked up their son and got back on the road. The problem had been that the directions weren't as clear as they could've been about the two roads splitting back off from one another- you are told on Google maps to "follow" a certain route- but they don't specify that the two split off from one another on Main Street, on a tiny section where you have about one second to see the sign.

I'm getting to the point, really I am!

As we were driving away, my 8 year old daughter piped up from the back seat- "Momma, we should go onto the internet, to the "how are we doing section" of Google maps and tell them they were wrong." I'm like, "Um, hum honey, sure". Then she says, "Here's what we'll say- Dear Google maps- you are wrong! We had to go pick up a friend for swim lessons today and got lost because of you. I am not happy about it. I was very mad about it too. We almost didn't make it to lessons on time, and if you don't fix it, the next person will be late too. Next time, we are going to use the competitors map. The ---- Family." I almost drove off the road, cracking up. She had it down perfectly! And I promise the line about the competitor is totally authentic.

Apparently, this trait is genetic. I have never included a section on "How to be a crusader for all that is right and good" in our homeschool curriculum, but the child has it d-o-w-n. Amazing! The cool part is that if we can get her raised up in her beliefs about God as the ultimate authority of right/wrong, she will be less likely to be swayed from them because of this. And, she won't be afraid to speak out for Him. Kind of like a superhero who has to learn to use their power for good. So, for this I am grateful today.


Aunt Bossy said...

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. It's like we were separated at birth or something!

And surprise, surprise--you have a Mini Me. That is absolutely hilarious--I LOVE the part about going to the competitor's site. Too funny! And I think you've inspired my next blog topic. Which I will get to as soon as I'm done with my homework for my 2-week summer class. Which reminds me, I'm not done yet so I'd better get back to work.

But at least I'll be smiling now...

JulieMom said...


Why does this not surprise me? Does an exploding glass cooking top ring a bell? How about continuously disconnecting internet service, or...

Yeah, I'm aware of the trait. I've also been a glad recipient of it's vast and wonderful tenacity.


Janice said...

I could actually hear her sing-song voice tell the whole thing... with her head crooked over to the side and everything! TOO ADOREABLE!!

And I am with JulieMom... grateful and willing recipient as well! Love you tons, and praying for you!

Amy said...

I enjoyed that, Wendy. I can just hear her because I can just hear YOU. ;)
So glad you've enjoyed my blog. I had a great time reading through yours. It made me miss you. You will definitely have to visit next month when you're in town again. We'd love to see you.
And I like your advice for the baby. We have a beautiful cradle in our living room just sitting there because there is always a willing pair of arms waiting, but I'll have to put it to use now. And how do you teach him not to scream every time he is awake for more than five minutes? Oh my, guess I just have to pray that one away.
Love ya,

Michelle said...

Hi Wendy!! I found your site through a comment on amy's blog. We went to HBC together a while back. Your family is beautiful. So sorry for your'll be in my prayers.

WendyMom said...

Amy and Michelle-

So glad to reconnect with you both!

Oh, and I guess I should thank Juliemom for starting this blog for me, under protest, because it has allowed me to reconnect with old friends!

Thanks guys-

Eaglemyst said...

Found you 'cause I follow Juliemom's blog.

I am a fellow 1-800-Tacobell caller, so I hear you. Just wanted to say your writing is spirited and I enjoy reading.